Conversational Italian

Group: Conversational Italian

Meets Tuesday at 2pm to 3.30pm

Venue: Private House, Locally


If you would like to share a love of Italian conversation with others, this group is for you. There will not be teaching or grammar, as such, but just to enjoy speaking the language, as I do, as my Mother was Italian and I lived there too.

The group would meet on a Tuesday afternoon from 2pm for up to an hour & a half, near the Castle area, and this could be each week or fortnightly, which can be discussed, for flexibility within the group. There would not be any meetings during July & August as I visit Italy.

Contact: Email the group leader(s) at 

               The handbook contains full contact details, alternatively email the Groups Coordinator at

       (please include your membership number in your email). 

Group Leader:  Susan Leney