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Dear Members

Hello to you all and I hope you are well and even though an awful lot of rain has been had, it has not stopped you from enjoying your groups - even those walking groups.

I am pleased to say we are going to have a second Stitchers and Beyond group, thanks to Mary McCrae who has kindly pulled this together and is, until someone else steps in, leading this group too. There are two places still available if you are interested so either contact Mary direct, (contact details in your Journal or Handbook)or myself. 

We also have the beginnings of a MOTO 2 group, though this will likely go under another title, yet to be finalised as I type this, due to the first meeting in the middle of November to iron out the finer details. It seems there are plenty of takers, so many thanks to Joy Watson for taking this role on as certainly going to be popular. 

All the best as we head into the festive season,

Jan Dixon Groups co-ordinator 

New Groups

Stitchers and Beyond 2 

A new group will meet fortnightly on Tuesday afternoons from 1.30pm until 3.00pm. , 

Mary McCrae 

Contact details in your Journal or Handbook



 By the time you see this, Tu3a MOTO TWO club will have had two very successful initial interest and planning meetings. Why? So more of you singles can socialise with new friends and old. We’ll be meeting regularly on Mondays at 10.30am – 12.15pm. I know a few can’t make that, but the rest of the week is already oversubscribed for me, and a majority of you. I, and a few invaluable Volunteers, have been working very hard on finding us a permanent venue! Where? We’ve been trying to balance affordability, accessibility, parking and opening times, and you’ll be the first to know. 

I live in Yalding so am not best placed to enquire, so all help remains very welcome. At the same time my kindly new Volunteers have been deciding 

Who is to do 



and How, to spread the load. 

We have vacancies for you to help in several small ways – do please ask! And, of course, we continue to plan future activities – what can you suggest? 

Anyone interested in the next meeting(s) of ‘Members On Their Own Two’, please e-mail . I’ve set up a WhatsApp Community group to make announcements and you can all post comments as well; for which I need your mobile phone number if any please? (Your details will never be used outside u3a without your express permission). Beyond membership of u3a and being on your own, there are no lower age or other restrictions; diversity welcome. 

Please also advise me (in confidence) if you have difficulty with sight, hearing, balance, walking etc., in case reasonable adjustments may be made for your safety. Many thanks! I look forward to seeing you on a Monday morning, very soon. 

Happy Mondays, Joy Watson 

Current groups

Discovering Churches 

Monday 11 December


Sheila Dill

Monday 8 January at 11.00am. 

Planning Meeting in Tonbridge TN11 9QR. 

Pauline and Nick Luck 

Contact details in your Journal

Play Reading 

Second Thursday of each month at 10.00am. 

14 December, 18 January, 15 February, 21 March.

Joyce Graf 

Reading Shakespeare

Every three months approximately. 10.00am

25 January. 1 February.

Joyce Graf

Poetry for Pleasure 

The purpose of the Group is simply to enjoy reading poetry, without serious analysis. We choose a theme in advance and do our best to find poems which are relevant to it, usually reading two or three each. 10.00am on the third Thursday each month.  

21 December - Christmas. 

Anne Kelly