Science Then and Now

Group: Science Then and Now

Meets: Third Thursday of the month 2,30pm

Venue: Meetings held via Zoom


The Group is for people interested in any aspect of science including how past discoveries have affected our culture and society. The aim is to give you a real taste of how science evolves when humans try to explain the world. No science is out of bounds and topics have included contemporary science like health and exercise, Climate change and the COVID-19 vaccine as well as earlier science like Darwin’s evolutionary theory, the eugenics movement or how quantum mechanics was discovered. If you are curious, come and join us. Talks are currently held on Zoom on the third Thursday at 2.30pm.

There is no annual charge but if we meet at the group leader’s house for a social event, members do make a small contribution toward refreshments. Likewise, members buy their own refreshments if we meet in the Weathered and Worn café in Hadlow.

Contact: Email the group leader(s) at  

 Full contact details are in the handbook, alternatively email the Groups Coordinator at  (please include your membership number in your email).

Group Leader:  Vanessa Bird