Welcome to the Groups page.

Our Groups

Within our u3a we have over 80 special interest groups (see full list below) that come together on a regular basis to learn, laugh and live experiences. Each group shares its skills and knowledge within the group.

All members are welcome to join an interest group. Some groups become very popular and therefore once a group becomes full we work together to start another so please ask to have your name added to the waiting list if your chosen group is full!

An alphabetic list of our groups is given below, a detailed description of each group can be obtained by clicking the group name.  

To see which groups are running on the days you have free see these tables.

The latest news from the groups is updated each month here

Groups by Subject Area

To see the groups in the subject area that you are interested in see these pages:

Active Games and Dancing

Arts and Crafts

General Studies

History, Geography and Geology


Literature and Drama


Table Games

Walking and Cycling

Have you considered becoming a Group Leader?

Couldn’t find what you were looking for in the list? Then why not start a new group? Our Interest Groups Co-ordinator will look for other interested members and help you to set up and organize a new group. All our groups are run by members who have volunteered and who have a lot of fun doing so, so don’t hold back!

You may have a special skill you could share with others or an interest in a particular subject and would like to explore it together with others with the same interest.

With an expanding membership, our u3a are always looking for more ideas for new groups.

Our Interest Groups Coordinator Jan ( ) is on hand to offer help and assistance in getting it started. We are always interested to receive new ideas for groups and would like to hear from anyone wishing to get a new group established.

Group Options

Scroll through the list of our groups in the table below for information about the groups that meet each month, more information about each group is available by clicking the group name, or see the current Handbook. To request to join a group send an email to Jan at and she will liaise with the group leader.

Please remember that to sign up for any of our interest groups you must be a member of Tonbridge u3a.