IT News

IT Co-ordinator: David Bell

Beacon is now being used to manage our membership data and to hold details of all our groups.

Group Leaders are encouraged to ensure that Beacon holds an up to date list of the members in each group. This can be achieved by using an account on Beacon to add and maintain these details or by sending a list of the current members to me at the above address. To keep the lists accurate, a prompt will be sent to all group leaders every six months requesting changes to be reported.

Some members have, understandably, thought that it was not possible to reply to email message sent via Beacon. I can assure you that it is possible; just select reply and your message will be sent to the originator of the message you received.

We are now encouraging all group leaders to request accounts on Beacon and our Workspace environment. Please send an email to the IT administrators who will be pleased to create accounts to address your requirements.

Notes from the presentation given to Group Leaders about the new IT systems can be viewed on the website. See the Group News, and Group Leader Information sections,