Study Days & Short Courses

Study Days

Study Days provide all members with the opportunity to study a topic thought to be of general interest. In the past days have been arranged on Climate Change, Gardening for Wildlife and many other interesting topics.

Further study days will be listed below when they are arranged.

Study Days by Local u3as

When we are aware of study days that local u3as have opened to our members they are listed here

Short Courses

Many short courses are arranged by the u3a Trust, their relationship with leading organisations, built up over many years, has meant they are in a position to offer selected national events online ensuring that learning is still available to our u3as and their members. This includes events with the National Gallery, Royal Institution, Guildhall Art Gallery, and the British Library (for which there may be a charge).

They are also offering a number of workshops, webinars and interactive sessions delivered by members for members, which are free to join. We will highlight some of these on the National Event page here.  For full details of all National events click here.

Many online events are being delivered via the Zoom video conferencing/webinar platform. They have some ‘How to Guides‘ and are offering ‘Online Tutorials‘  for using Zoom that may assist you if you are not familiar with this tool.

Free Online Event

Staying Safe Online - A u3a Presentation with Q&A

Keeping you safe in an electronic age: A repeat talk by Barry Linton of Thorpe Bay u3a.

Wednesday, 29 November - 10 - 11:30am 

Cybercrime and related frauds have been growing at an alarming rate for the past few years and during the COVID pandemic has escalated exponentially. Many of the scams originate overseas and there is little chance of identifying or arresting the perpetrators. This is international organised crime. The UK Police Strategy is to educate us on how to identify all manner of scams and to help prevent you from falling for them. The talk will include some video clips that in equal measure will entertain and alarm you.

Following a visit to Thorpe Bay U3A in 2017 by the Chief Constable, a joint seminar was put together by Barry Linton of Thorpe Bay U3A and Essex Police and has continued to be presented to U3As around the County.

This online Zoom talk will present key elements from the half-day seminar and also discuss some of the very latest threats that are particularly aimed at the u3a generation. There will be a Q&A session afterwards.

You do not use a Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone? You are still at risk as will be demonstrated to you.

This event is for u3a members only. 

Free Online Event

Catherine Stevenson of Newcastle u3a looks at the connections between art and literature at Christmastide.

Tuesday, 5 December 10 - 11am 

When Art and Literature Meet at Christmastide

Art and literature are often connected. One has often inspired the other in relating to us experiences, emotions, beliefs and ideas. These are often expressed in works concerning the festival of Christmas which help to make the season special and may enable people to think more deeply about its meaning.

Please note this presentation is animated. Catherine uses powerpoint animations to bring her words to life, if you do not like an animated presentation then this may not be to your taste.

This event is for u3a members only. 

Free Online Event

The Art of William Morris

A journey into the incredible work and beautiful art of William Morris

Wednesday, 6 December  2 - 3pm 

Helen’s talk will cover the life, work and ideas of this great Victorian polymath who was a talented designer, craftsman, writer, poet, socialist and printer.

Helen Elletson has been a Senior Curator at the Emery Walker Trust since 2010 and Curator of Research and Development at the William Morris Society since 2000. Amongst Helen's publications are A History of Kelmscott House (2009) and Highlights of the William Morris Society's Collection (2015), as well as articles on the Arts and Crafts movement including A Feeling for Beauty: May Morris, Emery Walker, and the Arts and Crafts of Hammersmith in Country Life (2017).

This event is for u3a members only. 

Free Online Event

Climate Change and the Oceans

Ian Hawker of East Suffolk u3a discusses the climate change's effect on our oceans

Friday, 15 December 10 - 11:30am 

71% of the worlds surface is covered by oceans which moderate climate change, capturing 90% excess heat from the atmosphere, and absorbing 1/3 excess greenhouse gas emissions.

But this also warms the oceans producing Arctic Ice Disintegration, Antarctic Ice Melting, Sea Level Rise and Ocean Acidification.

Exploitation of ocean resources is also affected by climate change. For example Ocean food stocks will reduce as the water warms so that more efficient sea farming methods are needed.

Sea Mining of minerals produces ocean pollution, through disturbance of the sea floor, and currently faces a global embargo pending further investigation.

However, extraction of tidal energy using new technologies will help replace fossil fuels.

Based on Feedback, this talk will be 60 minutes, with 30 minutes for questions.

This event is for u3a members only. 

First aid taster course, including use of a defibrillator 

The Tu3a website now has information in the group leaders' area on using a defibrillator. This includes another website which, when a post code is entered, shows their nearest location. There are some 20 in the Tonbridge area. 

A course was scheduled some time ago but had to be cancelled because of lockdown, but we are now able to offer the following course for up to 12 people. All participants must be able to kneel down, and be prepared to be placed into a recovery position, as this will be a practical session. 

The course will be held at the Riverside Suite in the Angel Centre and cost is expected to be £5. The session would be for 2 hours and our instructor, Mary Matson, who is prepared to give up her time for this great cause, will try to cover as much of this list as the participants’ questions will allow: Primary survey (what to do with someone who is unconscious); Recovery position; CPR and using an AED (defibrillator); Heart attack; Stroke; Bleeding and Shock Date to be announced, but will probably be in August or September (assuming there is not another lockdown!!!). 

If you would like to book a place contact 

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These events are for u3a members only.

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