Study Days & Short Courses

Study Days

Study Days provide all members with the opportunity to study a topic thought to be of general interest. In the past days have been arranged on Climate Change, Gardening for Wildlife and many other interesting topics.

Further study days will be listed below when they are arranged.

Study Days by Local u3as

When we are aware of study days that local u3as have opened to our members they are listed here

Short Courses

Many short courses are arranged by the u3a Trust, their relationship with leading organisations, built up over many years, has meant they are in a position to offer selected national events online ensuring that learning is still available to our u3as and their members. This includes events with the National Gallery, Royal Institution, Guildhall Art Gallery, and the British Library (for which there may be a charge).

They are also offering a number of workshops, webinars and interactive sessions delivered by members for members, which are free to join. We will highlight some of these on the National Event page here.  For full details of all National events click here.

Many online events are being delivered via the Zoom video conferencing/webinar platform. They have some ‘How to Guides‘ and are offering ‘Online Tutorials‘  for using Zoom that may assist you if you are not familiar with this tool.

Free Online Events 

Family History: Births, Deaths and Marriages

Insights, tips and examples for family historians. A look at the history of civil registration and the use of BMD data in family history.

Wednesday, 17 May, 2 - 4pm 

This presentation aims to have something for everyone. Beginners can learn about this vital source of information, but those with more experience will hopefully pick up some hints and tips that will help them get more from the data.

After a brief outline of the history of civil registration, we will look at some of the common issues encountered with the details available, and how we might use other bmd related records to help us identify our forebears. We will also look at some examples of certificates and other records, and the insights they can provide about family members.

This talk is the second of three talks that will be hosted by Julie Johnson of Syston & District u3a.

This event is for u3a members only

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Free Online Event

Their Finest Hour reminiscence project

Their Finest Hour: How to run a collection in your u3a activity group.

Thursday, 25 May, 2 - 3pm

Join Dr Matthew Kidd of the University of Oxford and u3a volunteers to find out how u3a groups can preserve the everyday stories and objects of WW2 for 'Their Finest Hour'. As these personal stories are fast fading from living memory, preserving them is vital. As well as wartime objects from the front, do you know about the experiences of those at home, including women and children?

+ Support each other to go online and upload your stories.

+ Volunteer at a local 'Digital Collection Day' or attend to share your stories there.

For more about this Heritage Lottery-funded project, please visit

This event is for u3a members only

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Free Online Event

Predicting our future: what will technology do for us?

Tuesday, 30 May · 2 - 3pm 

A fairly light hearted but thought-provoking look at some of the things we've been told may happen in the not-so-distant future and how they may affect us. Many people have tried to predict the future -in film, books and on TV.

How credible are these visions of the future?

What evidence is there that predictions will actually happen?

From '"Star Trek" to "Minority Report" , "I Robert" and "Black Mirror" - what's actually likely to happen? How do we know?

This event is part of the Future Lives series of talks; the u3a’s Future Lives group explores how we can have a better older age, aiming to challenge attitudes and break down physical barriers that restrict people as they get older. We’re finding out what we can do to improve unsuitable homes, limit isolation and overcome poor health. Good design can be liberating – and the reverse is true! We want to use our collective voice to bring about change. Find out more on the Future Lives webpage.

Contact for more information or if you have any questions.

This event is for u3a members only.

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Free Online Event

Driving Tips to Save Money and the Planet from IAM RoadSmart

Monday, 5 June · 2 - 3pm 

Within the context of the current cost of living and climate crisis, this session aims to offer useful driving tips and practical advice for how you can save fuel, and reduce vehicle emissions and other negative consequences of driving on the environment. Many of these tips also encourage more confident and safer driving practices.

Rebecca has over 20 years of experience in driving and riding training, as an Approved Driving Instructor, working in Policy and Research and in Product Development. She is currently a Product Development Manager at IAM RoadSmart, the UK’s largest national road safety charity

This event is for u3a members only.

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Free Online Event

Into the mind of an artist. Van Gogh Part 1

Thursday, 22 June · 10 - 11am 

Guns, knives, self-harm and excessive smoking and alcohol were aspects of Van Gogh’s life and through these, we may discover something of his state of mind at times throughout his life.

We trace some of Van Gogh’s life and works until he encountered a watershed in his artistic career. However, along the way, he suffered mental illnesses which manifested themselves in different ways and were reflected in some of his paintings he called his ‘Inner Soul’.

Please note this presentation is animated. Catherine uses powerpoint animations to bring her words to life, if you do not like an animated presentation then this may not be to your taste.

This event is for u3a members only.

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