Group Leader Information

IT Systems

Group Leaders are encouraged to request accounts on the Beacon and / or Workspace systems now deployed by emailing

Notes from a presentation to Group Leaders in May 2022 can be found here

Risk Assessments

Group Leaders are reminded that risk assessments should be carried out before any activity is undertaken.

The latest risk assessment documents are available here.

Those organising walks might find the Ramblers risk assessment form useful.

Recording Contact Details

Any member who is the designated leader for any group outing, whether in town or country, should make sure that everyone on the outing has supplied a contact number to be used in the event of an incident.

A document detailing the reasons why next of kin information is required and how the information is managed is available here.

In the event of an Incident

At the time of the incident priority must be given to obtaining appropriate help as quickly as possible.

No one who is unwell or unable to continue should be left on their own.

If necessary the contact person for that member should be informed of the situation.

In the case of a serious incident a member of the u3a committee should be contacted.

In all cases a Incident report form should be completed and sent to the secretary.