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A Health and Safety Policy Statement was approved by the Committee on 5 March 2024 it can be viewed on the Small Print page.

Group Leader Handbook

Group Leader Handbook (2023) available as pdf

Supplement to Group Leader Handbook (2024) available as pdf

Managing a Group with members waiting to join available as a pdf

Activating IT Accounts

Activating and using a Beacon Account - helpful guide as pdf

Activating a Google Workspace Account on a laptop - step by step guide as pdf or as a PowerPoint slide show

Activating a Google Workspace Account on an iPad - step by step guide as pdf or as a PowerPoint slide show

Possible Venues for group meetings 

Details of all the venues currently used by our groups and some other venues that might be used are listed here.

Maintaining Group Membership Details on Beacon

It is important that accurate records of which members belong to our groups are maintained on our membership system, Beacon. The benefits of this are many and include:

The ability for a committee member to contact group members if the group leader suddenly becomes unavailable.

It enables the web team to provide information to new and prospective members about which groups have vacancies.

It allows a group leader to easily email all the members of a group and ensures that such emails comply with the GDPR regulations.

It allows a group leader to easily record and manage a waiting list of members wishing to join the group.

It allows the committee to have an overview of the state of the groups.

Group leaders are encouraged to request a Beacon account (by emailing ). Once the account has been created they have the ability to maintain the description and membership of their group. In addition they will be able to easily email members of their group and other group leaders.

Alternatively group leaders can permit the update team to maintain details of their group on Beacon. They can supply the team with the current members in their group by completing a simple form (also available at the open day and the monthly meetings) or by emailing the team at . Changes to the membership of the group should be emailed to the team or passed in a note to a committee member.

Location of Automated External Defibrillators in Tonbridge

A victim of sudden cardiac arrest is three times more likely to survive if they receive early defibrillation and for every minute that passes chances of survival reduce by 7-10%. It is crucial that CPR and defibrillation are applied as soon as possible following a cardiac arrest.

Early use of a defibrillator unit or AED saves lives as it interrupts the abnormal twitching of the heart, often shocking the heart back into a normal rhythm. AED units are incredibly effective, and easy to use as they give voice prompts to tell the user what to do and when.

How to find the nearest AED to you or your group's venue

Go to and type in your post code or the postcode of your group's venue if that is different. The green icon is the nearest AED to your venue. The brown icons are other AEDs in your area. Some AEDs have a keypad for security. When 999 ambulance is called the operator will give you the keypad code. This document lists the AEDs known to us in Tonbridge. If any member is aware of other AEDs please let Ollie know at 

IT Systems

Group Leaders are encouraged to request accounts on the Beacon and / or Workspace systems now deployed by emailing 

These are the slides of a presentation on our IT facilities.

Risk Assessments

Group Leaders are reminded that risk assessments should be carried out before any activity is undertaken.

The latest risk assessment documents are available here.

Those organising walks might find the Ramblers risk assessment form useful.

Recording Contact Details

Any member who is the designated leader for any group outing, whether in town or country, should make sure that everyone on the outing has supplied a contact number to be used in the event of an incident.

A document detailing the reasons why next of kin information is required and how the information is managed is available here

In the event of an Incident

At the time of the incident priority must be given to obtaining appropriate help as quickly as possible. 

No one who is unwell or unable to continue should be left on their own.

If necessary the contact person for that member should be informed of the situation.

In the case of a serious incident a member of the u3a committee should be contacted.

In all cases a Incident report form should be completed and sent to the secretary.