Acoustic Blues Workshop

Group:   Acoustic Blues Workshop

Meets:   Second and fourth Thursday of the month at 2pm

Venue:   North Tonbridge


This group will continue its exploration of the styles and playing of notable blues figures of the past, and its exploration and development of those pieces into our own 21st Century interpretations. To this end, we will do a certain (small) amount of Music Theory to underpin Blues Idioms. We will then examine particular pieces, sharing rhythmic and lead ideas evolved from those theories and idioms. I would envisage the use of ‘round robin’ style turns at lead, turn around and rhythmic figure use between all members of the group. Even relative beginners (we are(both) currently defining ourselves as relative beginners) have something to offer this musical style which arises from the hearts and souls of the people who play it. I would hope that the group might find others besides guitar players interested in joining us. I’d welcome (a) singer(s) willing to really lean into his/her/their blues ‘feeling’. A bass player might want to join us. Or an electric piano person. Or a percussionist. Only YOU know if you want to play the Blues.

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Group Leader: Denis Buckley