2023 AGM

What happened at our Annual General Meeting (AGM)? 

As notified in the Journal for both May and June, our AGM was held on Wednesday 12 July 2023. Those who attended were asked to vote on a number of different things. The purpose of this note is to let all members of Tonbridge u3a know what the key decisions were and what, in broad terms at least, the consequences are. 

Changes to the Committee 

Several changes to the Committee were agreed:

 • Frani Hoskins stood down as Chair and was replaced by Lionel Shields. Frani remains on the Committee in her role as Events Co-ordinator.

 • Dennis Keley stood down as Treasurer and was replaced by Elise Goldstone.

 • David Bell stood down as Theatre Co-ordinator and was replaced by Julie Grimsey. David remains on the Committee in his role as IT Co-ordinator.

 • Melanie Battell has joined the Committee as an additional member who is able to help out where needed, thereby ensuring the Committee runs effectively. 

In addition, it was agreed that David Bell would serve a further three-year term as IT Co-ordinator and Dave Perry a further three-year term as Journal and Handbook Editor. 

You can see all the people who are on the Committee by clicking on the ‘Contact’ section of our website - https://www.tonbridgeu3a.uk/contact. 

Changes to the Constitution 

Members agreed a number of changes to our Constitution. As a result: 

• Tonbridge u3a can now accept Honorary and Associate Members. 

• The maximum number of Trustees has been increased from 12 to 15 but any Co-opted Members will count towards this number with the result that Co-opted Members cannot increase the number of Trustees to more than 15.

 • Online and proxy voting will be allowed at future General Meetings but future General Meetings will be quorate only if at least 10% of members attend in person (physically or online) or use their proxy vote. 

The revised Constitution is available on the Tonbridge u3a website in the ‘Small print’ section - https://www.tonbridgeu3a.uk/small-print.

To all those that attended The Committee would like to thank all those members who attended the AGM and participated in proceedings. We would have been stuck without you!

The Committee would also like to thank our magnificent choir for entertaining us with such an interesting selection of songs after proceedings came to an end. 

Questions If you have any questions about the AGM and what was decided, please contact 

Rosemary Martin using the email secretary@tonbridgeu3a.uk

Draft minutes of the AGM held on 12 July 2023 are available here