Galleries, Exhibitions & Museums

Group: Galleries, Exhibitions & Museums

Meets: First Friday

Venue: No Fixed Venue


We enjoy learning more about the arts and crafts, in an informal way, through our many and varied visits which occur on the first Friday of the month. 

Those who find material relevant to the visit bring it along for others to read on the journey. 

Where convenient, we use public transport to reach the venue (bus passes are useful) but, on occasion, we share vehicles to reach our destination. 

If any member hears of a venue they think is of interest, we can arrange a visit. 

The venue and method of transport will be published in the monthly Journal with the time and place to meet. 

Please contact Group Leader if coming. 

Contact: Email the group leader(s) at 

                The handbook contains full contact details, alternatively email the Groups Coordinator at  (please include your membership number in your email).

Group Leader:  Margaret Pavlidis