Art to Share & Care

Group: Art to Share & Care

Meets: Monthly on Mondays at 10am to 12noon

Venue: Private House Locally


This is a support group for solitary painters to which every member contributes. Our objectives are: 

• To encourage painting 

• To offer supportive comments on the work 

• To make suggestions for possible improvement 


Ways of achieving these objectives may be: 

• By re-presenting adjusted work for further appraisal 

• Discussing ways of working 

• Exchanging experiences with old and new materials 

• Visiting current exhibitions 

We have monthly meetings on Monday mornings 10.00am - 12.00 noon in each other’s homes. There may be an occasional charge to cover photocopying. Details of dates and places in the monthly Journal. 

Contact: Email the group leader(s) at 

The handbook contains full contact details, alternatively email the Groups Coordinator at  (please include your membership number in your email).

Group Leader:  Barbara Myatt