Theatre Team

The Theatre Visits Team arrange several theatre visits a year. We aim to provide a varied programme covering serious drama, comedies and musicals.

For the past few years we have included a day trip by coach to Chichester. Time is allowed for sight-seeing and lunch before attending a matinee performance at the Chichester Festival Theatre.

The theatre visits to London are always for matinee performances. Members are expected to make their own way to and from the theatre. The organiser(s) of each trip will state which train they will catch from Tonbridge and members are welcome to travel up in a group with them. We are normally able to obtain good seats by booking early and at group rates, often obtaining at least a 50% discount on the published ticket prices.

Requests for tickets are made by completing the application form (included in the journal and available on the website). If two or more names are listed on the same form then we ensure that all the members listed are entered into the ballot as a single group. The form, a cheque and a stamped addressed envelope is then sent to the organiser for the trip.

If a member (or group of members) is successful in the ballot then the ticket(s) is posted using the SAE and the cheque cashed. If the application is not successful in the ballot the cheque is returned (using the SAE) and the member(s) added to the waiting list.

If a member subsequently finds that they cannot attend the trip the organiser will attempt to put them in touch with members on the waiting list (selected at random) who are willing to go and the two members arrange to meet and exchange the ticket.

The Theatre Team's next trip is to The Upstart Crow in London on Wednesday 12 October at 2.30. For further details click here

Please contact us at for more information.