Philosophical Understanding

Group: Philosophical Understanding

Meets: Second Friday at 10am September to July

Venue: Meetings held via Zoom


The PU group seeks to better understand the nature of the ideas that shape our

world and our relationship with it. This year we will meet once a month

to investigate the issues of freewill, responsibility, karma, predestination and

linked topics.

The group is open to new members so you can chose to join us if you wish (or is

your decision already preordained)? Based on a series of video lectures via Zoom

and hosted by Ron Hoare, each meeting will provide an opportunity to view two

talks; at the end of each one we will briefly discuss and clarify the contents. The

subsequent meeting will begin with a recapitulation of the previous lectures given

by one of the participants before starting the next two talks.

Contact: The handbook contains full contact details, alternatively email the Groups Coordinator at (please include your membership number in your email).

Group Leaders: Ronald Hoare and Michael Lauerman