Travel Team

The Travel Team aims to plan monthly outings throughout the year. This includes a long break of seven or more days alternating between the UK and the continent and sometimes a Short break of four to five days within the UK.  

Do join us for an interesting day out. 

Dear Members,

I am going to start this month with a few reminders when filling in the forms for outings. Many of these points are on the information for an outing but do not always get put into practice.

One general reminder to you all – We are not a commercial company and work to be as fair as possible to all our members. The members of the team all pay exactly the same amount as all the members on outings and holidays; any free places are used for the benefit of everyone going.

1. The application forms can be one in an envelope, or two in one envelope or three in one envelope but no more as it gets unwieldy if we have to have a draw for places, as well as unfair on the single applications.

2. Please make your cheques payable to Tonbridge u3a Travel as without the word Travel they will go into the main account and we will be unable to pay the bills for the outing.

Getting this right saves the organisers time having to take your cheques for you to put the word Travel on them.

3. Please make sure that all the applicants give their address, phone number and next of kin as this is important for our age group!

4. Please make sure that you include a stamped addressed envelope for your reply.

This month we will visit Cambridge and in the afternoon go to their Botanic Gardens. 

In July we will visit the Savill Garden, Windsor & join a Thames River Cruise.

The application forms are in this months Journal.

More details will be found on our website 

  Margaret Pavlidis  ✉︎

For details of the current trips please click here

For details, including many photographs, of previous trips please click here and select the 'Previous Trips' tab.

The members of the travel team are:

Neil Shilling, Richard Willey, Geoff Sharp, David Richardson, Amy Stead, Lesley Hedges, Clare Nixon, Margaret Pavlidis 

To contact one of the team e-mail: first 

Or use the contact form on the travel team website .