Folk Music

Group: Folk Music

Meets: Third Wednesday at 2pm

Venue: Private House Tonbridge


The purpose of this group is to explore the ‘folk’ music of the British Isles (and beyond).

Both novice and more skilful players, those with an interest in playing and/or singing traditional music, will be very welcome. (I am a novice/intermediate mandolin player myself.)

Some ability to read music could be useful, though a good ‘ear’ would also be useful as an alternative.

Some knowledge of the genre might be helpful, but I have a small library of appropriate music, into which I hope we can delve for inspiration and guidance.

I am always open to suggestions for practice pieces and even to explore other related genres at these meetings.

NB - enthusiastic individuals might arrange private practice sessions together if they chose once we’ve gotten underway.

Contact: The handbook contains full contact details, alternatively email the Groups Coordinator at (please include your membership number in your email).

Group Leader: Denis Buckley