AGM 2023

Notice of Annual General Meeting

at 2.00pm on Wednesday 12 July 2023

in Medway Hall, Angel Centre, Tonbridge

You are invited and positively encouraged to attend this year’s AGM, which will be held in person on Wednesday 12 July 2023 at 2.00pm in Medway Hall, Angel Centre, Tonbridge.

The booklet of papers relevant to the AGM will be sent to members at the end of May along with the June Journal (either as a printed booklet, or digitally, depending on how you receive your Journal).

Voting on all motions will take place at the AGM and the results will be announced there and then.

The AGM formalities will be brief and will be followed by some live entertainment plus refreshments. Please note that the meeting on 12 July 2023 is in lieu of the normal monthly meeting, which

would normally have taken place on 5 July 2023. Please ensure your diary/calendar is updated accordingly.

It is proposed to revised our Constitution the suggested draft is available here

The main purpose of this notice is to let you know about the various actual and proposed changes within the Committee:

Chair: Frani Hoskins is standing down as Chair, having taken back the reins at the last AGM. Lionel Shields has agreed to stand.

Vice Chair: If Lionel Shields is appointed as Chair, the position of Vice Chair will become vacant. To date no nominations for Vice Chair have been received.

Treasurer: Dennis Keley is standing down having completed his three-year term. Elise Goldstone has agreed to stand.

Journal and Handbook Editor: Dave Perry will have completed his current three-year term. In the absence of anyone able and willing to succeed him, Dave has agreed to stand again.

IT co-ordinator: David Bell will have completed his current three-year term and has agreed to stand again.

Theatre organiser: David Bell is standing down as theatre co-ordinator. Julie Grimsey has agreed to stand.

Additional Committee Member: This role does not exist currently but is intended to provide additional resource within the Committee to ensure the work of the Committee can proceed effectively,  Melanie Battell has agreed to stand.

Anyone within Tonbridge u3a is eligible to stand for election to the Committee. If you would like to stand for any of the above-mentioned positions, or if there is someone you would like to see on

the Committee in any of the above-mentioned roles, please let the Secretary know, in writing, at least 14 days prior to the AGM, i.e., by 28 June 2023 at the absolute latest. All nominations must have the 

consent of the person being nominated and require two other members of Tonbridge u3a to propose and second the nomination.

All relevant details should be sent to Rosemary Martin using the e-mail address

The Committee looks forward to seeing you at the AGM and thanks you in advance for participating in the proceedings.